…this site…..

Let's start about the name idef1x. This name is inherited several years back when I started to play with packet radio (via a 27MC transmitter/receiver) where I had to think off a “call sign”. Since I love dogs and the comic strip off Asterix and Obelix (who doesn't?? ;)), I decided to go for the dogs name off Obelix, which is idefix. So why the number 1 in it? Well there should be a number in the call sign, so…idef1x was born :)

Nowadays I don't play with packet radio anymore, since the internet is way faster to communicate with ;)


At the moment this site contains some photo's of my (holliday) trips, and hopefully (if i can find the time), some stories (some in dutch and some in english)

I hope you will enjoy this site and if you've questions or so, please let me know in the comments.

For now…have fun :)